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Atlanta Film Festival

Capital of the state of Georgia, Atlanta is a densely populated city that is culturally and economically enriched, considered an “alpha” city, ranking 15th amongst all the cities in the world. Atlanta was founded in 1837, after which it grew immensely in terms of economy, industry, and technology, which enabled it to premiere its first movie ‘Gone with the Wind’ a hundred years later in 1939 and less than 50 years later, in 1979, the IMAGE Film & Video Centre was born, now known as the Atlanta Film Festival.

In the Heart of the City

Since its founding in 1979, the festival has been held every April for 10 days to award international, independent films of different genres, and is the largest and the oldest Academy Award qualifying festival in the United States. Since 2007, Landmark Midtown Art Cinema has been used as the official venue for the festival, and then in 2012, the venue was eventually moved to The Plaza after which, a secondary venue was also added at the 7 Stages Theatre.

The Atlanta Film Festival welcomes an audience of over 25,000 to enjoy a selection of the very best quality of content chosen from over 3,000 international submissions; notable examples of Academy Award winner films screened at the Atlanta Film Festival are ‘Family Affair’ and ‘Prairie Love’. The following are categories in which the awards are given:

  • Narrative Features
  • Narrative Shorts
  • Documentary Features
  • Documentary Shorts
  • Animated Shorts
  • Puppetry Shorts
  • Experimental Shorts
  • Music Videos

The Fun Never Ends

Unlike other traditional film festivals, the Atlanta Film Festival is not just an ordinary annual event; the Atlanta Film Festival 365 (ATLFF365) offers filmmakers and industry professionals’ special events all throughout the year and offers its members special discounts on tickets, invitations to advance screenings, as well as a lot of other advantages. It also offers workshops on various skills related to the showbiz and provides people the chance to socialize with filmmakers on the third Tuesday of every month.

The Atlanta Film Festival is different from any other film festival out there, as it provides its audience with more than just quality content; they offer an unparalleled experience truly lasting a lifetime.





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