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Visions Du Reel

The Alpine country of Switzerland holds some of the finest music festivals in the world, and along with that, some of the most amazing film festivals as well; one of them is the Visions Du Reel, which was once called the Nyon International Documentary Film Festival, coming every April in the municipality of Nyon, Switzerland with the best documentary films from all around the world.

Nyon International Documentary Film Festival

In 1969, the Nyon International Documentary Film Festival was founded by Moritz De Hadeln, the once head of the Berlin International Film Festival, who believed he could change the society through the power of documentaries. Back then, after the World War II till the end of the Cold War, Europe was divided into two parts as the Soviet Union tried to block itself from communicating with the non-Soviet nations of the west; the boundary that divided the two parts of Europe was called the Iron Curtain. Seeing an opportunity, the Nyon International Documentary Film Festival promoted Swiss films and also, screened films from the other side of the Iron Curtain, which were inaccessible otherwise, till 1995; under new management, the film festival was renamed to Visions Du Reel and quickly gained international recognition and fame.

Visions Du Reel is a documentary film festival and as such, screens all sorts of documentary films. Varying in all sizes, the films include:

  • Anecdotes
  • Diaries
  • Essays
  • Experimental Films
  • Major Reports

Documenting The Market

Other than screening fine documentaries, the week-long film festival of Visions Du Reel also hosts the Doc Market, an international market for documentary films, the bridge between the film festival and the film markets and brings together famous directors, filmmakers and international buyers from all over the world while, of course, marketing the films. Visions Du Reel is a part of the Doc Alliance, an association of 7 documentary film festivals in Europe, which dedicates itself to promoting documentaries and showing the audience the power of true stories from all around the world, screening some of the finest ones out there. Visions Du Reel manages to convince the public about the influence of history, personalities and culture by providing an entertaining, yet informative, documentary experience, all while allowing the attendees to have a blast.





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