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Victoria Film Festival

Federally registered in the 1950s, the Victoria Film Festival (VFF) is probably one of the grandest fiestas of the year, screening about 150 films every year. The chilly weather of Canadian February proves to be a pleasurable matter for all those who enjoy sitting in comfortable, warm theatres to watch national and international films.

Raise Your Glasses

The Victoria Film Festival does not have about 25,000 attendees without reason; several events that occur throughout the year increase the excitement at this fiesta by a tenfold, also guaranteeing a larger number of audience for the years to come. For instance, this festival consists of an event called the Art of the Cocktail, which is basically all about cocktails: whether it means tasting some, comprehending all about them or just contending to make a few glasses to win the 1st place of the cocktail-making competition, it’s an event you don’t want to miss.

When Receiving Charity Becomes Enjoyable

The VFF consists of several other events that seem to have attendees in a hype, looking forward to the festival each year, ready to show up at every single party or occasion, without a second thought. The entire festival is said to be for free and is listed as a charity organization, which seem to screen every kind of film possible, including ones that have a PG rating, allowing the attendees to enjoy several genres at once. Along with all of that, the VFF staff willingly hand out several awards, some of which include:

  • Best Motion Picture
  • Achievement in Direction
  • Achievement in Cinematography
  • Achievement in Music
  • Achievement in Editing
  • Ted Rogers Best Feature-Length Documentary

Giving individuals the opportunity to display their own 1-minute long video clips, the Victoria Film Festival showcases almost all the aspects of filmmaking. For this and many other reasons, the VFF is a grand success every year, winning the hearts of thousands of attendees who swear to drop by again the next year. Also hosting a variety of film-discussion events, workshops and programs where everyone gets to bond over their craze with films, this festival has to be one of the biggest achievements for the Canadian filmmaking industry.

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