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Twin Cities Film Festival

The Twin Cities Film Festival (TCFF) is a Minneapolis-based non-profit arts organization which connects and celebrates the diversity of the community through the art of the cinema, taking place in mid October; the weather is extremely pleasant , with warm summers and no heavy rainfall, making the festival movie experience unforgettable. The prime objectives of the TCFF is to display mind-blowing American Independent films, to promote Minnesota talent to the national film industry and to become the leading Midwest film event.

Moving Beyond the Stumbling Phase

Lifting its curtains in 2009, the Twin City Film Festival is a lot younger than all the other renowned film festivals around the world, but it is definitely not lagging behind, having roared into the festival scene in 2010, with Oscar-caliber movies and popular guests; showcasing locally filmed movies that deserved wider attention. The films screened during the festival are diverse and unique, and each has the power to inspire, enrage and entertain. The screening takes place in downtown Minneapolis at St. Louis Park Icon Theaters, and until today, manages to attract more than 6,200 attendees, with 50-plus screenings every year.

Where Big and Small Movies Coexist

The Twin Cities Film Festival is a phenomenal platform where fresh talents are discovered and new trends are sampled, screening the works of well-known film producers and directors, alongside with entries of novices. TCFF showcases a wide variety of films, including:

  • Short films
  • Drama
  • Documentaries
  • Features
  • Animation
  • Action
  • Sports

Aspiring to offer educational opportunities to film professionals, students and general civilians through event activities, like workshops, panel discussions, seminars, masterclasses and caused-based programming, the TCFF is also a great platform for homegrown movie makers who get to connect with their audiences and learn their feedback, and also get to meet their peers from around the country. The Twin Cities Film Festival promises the movie-lovers to give the best movie experience, while promoting their locally produced films to the entire world, becoming more renowned in the process; the mixers, educational offerings and the special events hosted by this film festival have helped it to move forward, increasing significantly increasing the number of attendants each year.




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