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Traverse City Film Festival

Initiating with only 50,000 attendees to watch 31 films during 54 screenings, the Traverse City Film Festival (TCFF) began its momentous saga in the year 2005, based on the sole foundations established by 5 friends during lunch and dinner parties. The stage sets every year between the end of July and the beginning of August, at Traverse City located in Northern Michigan; movie makers are brought together and get the opportunity to showcase their movies at the festival.

Help Headed Your Way

The Traverse City Film Festival’s metamorphosis to its present efficacious form is truly amazing, and the festival celebrated its 10 year of showcasing wonderful films and documentaries anniversary this year.Of course the immense success of the festival has only been attainable due to the sheer hard work of all the volunteers, who devoted themselves every year to make the event possible.

Throughout the entire journey so far, TCFF has been able to restore and renovate two historic and classical structures, the State Theatre and the Con Foster Museum, now known as the Bijou by the Bay. Not only that, the festival also lets people to watch selected movies of all genres, without any cost all day long, while at the same time hosting film-making classes, lead by the famous and prosperous filmmakers and professors, for only a small fee.

Triumphing Through the Years

Since its inception by Academy Award winning director Michael Moore, the festival has leaped forward to witness new horizons of triumph, welcoming over 131,000 audience members to 250 screenings during the five-day fiesta. Even the number of venues has increased with the fine launching of two new ones: the Movies on a Boat, which is all about experiencing the celluloid while cruising the serene bay, and the Buzz, where the movies are simply free to watch. The flicks which the ever growing spectators get to have a look at are divided in the following categories:

  • Foreign films
  • American films
  • Documentaries
  • Films for children viewing
  • Films for free of cost viewing

The sun always shines brighter during summer at Traverse City when the TCFF takes place every year. Filmmakers are rewarded for their outstanding efforts in producing mind-boggling masterpieces. Two groups of accolades are presented to the victors of the competitions, one by the official jury and the other by the audience; thus making the festival a great experience tor anyone who attends it.




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