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Tokyo International Film Festival

Home to the once iron-willed and proud samurai warriors, Japan, the land of the rising sun, holds one of the biggest film festivals in the entire continent of Asia, the Tokyo International Film Festival. Started off as Japan’s first major film festival in the year 1985, the festival was held once every two years till 1991, after which it turned into an annual event.

Film Fest Autumn

Once called Edo, Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is a highly populated metropolitan area which gets even busier and denser, as people flock from all over the world every autumn, as the season heralds the coming of the finest film festival that Japan has to offer. Every October, the Tokyo International Film Festival had graced the season of autumn with many down to earth films and will do so once again for the 27th time in October, 2014.

The Sun Keeps Rising

In addition to screening quality films from all sorts of genres, the Tokyo International Film Festival invites creative minds and seeks out the best films and filmmakers on the globe, holding different competitions in different categories and bestows various awards, of which the most notable is the Grand Prix award. For this reason, many filmmakers from all around the world sign up for the festival in hopes of receiving recognition and in the 26th Festival, the competitions received entries of more than 1400 films from 93 different countries.

Distinguished awards presented are:

  • Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix
  • Award for the Best Director
  • The Audience Award
  • Best Asian Future Film Award

In the 27th annual festival in 2014, James Gunn, the writer of the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy”, is going to be a member of the jury in the competitions. With such a large number of participants from many different countries of the world, there’s no doubt why the Tokyo International Film Festival is one of the most important film festivals in Asia. The nine days of enjoying excellent films and wonderful programs in the autumn coloured city of Tokyo make this festival one to remember, ensuring that the attendees look forward to the event in the upcoming years.




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