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Tampere Film Festival

Focusing on short films, the Tampere Film Festival (TFF) takes place every year, in Finland, seemingly a favorite event among locals, doing a commendable job at presenting films to the movie-hungry audience. As a matter of fact, over 500 films are said to be shown to the attendees, surely causing an impressive gather of a large crowd. Existing since the 1970s, the TFF could be an pleasurable experience, granting the attendees with the chance to enjoys the last few dregs of winter, as the festival takes place in March.

Film Festivals That Feature Convenient Hot Tubs

Strangely enough, the event managed to bring in a program where the attendees get to know each other, while relaxing in hot tubs, probably as a way to enjoy the cold weather, attaining new friends in the process. The festival is huge for a reason; it showcases national and international films, which means that there is enough acclaim for local and foreign actors and directors.

Tickets Sold In A Jiffy      

Saying that the Tampere Film Festival is a small deal, will be an understatement. Quite international indeed, the festival is said to hand out over 30,000 tickets every year, proving to be one of the most perfect platforms for meeting tens of film savvy people. The festival is most probably one of the reasons for tourist attraction in Finland, hosting a get-together for a large crowd and revealing countless brilliant movies. While there is a list of genres provided, the films are mainly divided into two parts, when it comes to prize distribution – national and international; the international films being divided into subcategories, like the following:

  • Hard Love
  • Politics
  • Cruising
  • Tomorrow Is Another Day
  • In Better Circles
  • Mindgames
  • Money Talks
  • Family Values

There are many awards that are bestowed upon national and international nominees, which should be a chance of feeling victorious, as all the winner countries are lucky enough to win the prizes. Enabling movie enthusiasts to meet up, communicate and maybe even curl up under blankets with cups of coffee to cut out some of the harshnesses of the winter, the Tampere Film Festival is the right scene for almost anyone. 

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