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Shanghai International Film Festival

Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) is one of the largest and most renowned film festivals in Asia to date, embracing a wide variety of films of different cultural backgrounds with utmost enthusiasm. With more than 80 countries taking part in this flamboyant, star-studded festival, SIFF lifts its curtains mid-June every year, attracting thousands of movie lovers from all over the world, consisting of 9 days of screening the best of the best local films, alongside tonnes of international and independent films.

Bigger Than Its Years

The Shanghai International Film Festival first commenced in 1993 in Shanghai, the city which is known as the birthplace of Chinese cinema. Even though it is quite young, the festival was, and is still, hosted by the State Administration of Radio, Film & Television and Shanghai Municipal Government and orchestrated by Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture, Radio, Film & TV and SMEG.

Annually attracting famous filmmakers from all around the globe, the SIFF devotes itself to building up an international platform with four major programs, including Competition, SIFFORUM, SIFF Mart and International Film Panorama. The SIFF Mart links film projects with potential investors, while the SIFFORUM hosts lectures and workshops and the International Film Panorama presents a wide array of world cinema screenings.

Award Highlights

The SIFF offers amazing opportunities for filmmakers to promote their films and acts as a communication platform for the film producers to get to know each other, all the while screening more than 800 films and attracting more than 300,000 movie goers every year. To steam up the event, the SIFF also hosts some classic Hollywood films and a series of specially restored films, alongside the best Chinese cinemas making it a must-see event for the filmmakers and movie lovers. The Film Competition section includes some prestigious awards, which are given out for the following:

  • Best Feature Film
  • Jury Grand Prix
  • Best Director
  • Best Screenplay
  • Best Actor and Actress
  • Best Cinematography

In 2014, the 17th SIFF had a star-studded, glamorous opening, with around 400 celebrities walking down the red carpet, with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant to name a few. With more than 1,099 entries from around 100 countries each year, the SIFF has now become the biggest summer attraction in China and an event worth seeing that brings to you a visual feast of films.


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