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Portland International Film Festival

The Portland International Film Festival (PIFF) is an annual showcase of the very best in the contemporary world cinema, screening more than 125 films from over 30 countries. Taking place in mid-February, this two-week film fest seeks to explore the diversity of not only the art of films but of the world around us. Being a city of dry, warm summers and mild winters, Portland is perfect for the tourists and moviegoers who want to explore the many talents of the city and celebrate world cinema like never before.

Not Just a City of Gardens and Museums

Established in 1977, this non-competitive festival lifts its curtains around the 7th of February every year in Portland, Oregon, and goes on until the 22nd, screening a wide variety of local and international films, including features, shorts, documentaries, animations, long shorts, experimental, narrative and so forth. Drawing an audience of over 38,000 the PIFF is the biggest film event in Oregon, connecting communities and bringing culturally diverse audiences in one platform. A remarkable cross-section of cinematic voices, corporate sponsors and public and private arts funders, this film carnival aids the filmmakers from the corners of the world to assemble in one platform and reach out to their audiences.

An Exhibition of World Class Cinema

All for the love of films, this two-week film festival is always jam-packed with a variety of parties, networking events, workshops, guest speakers, film premiers, director Q&As, panels, music gigs and much more and has the capacity to be the largest, single night attendance in the history of the city. The PIFF screenings take place in all four quadrants of the city, in various venues like Cinemagic, Cinema21, Whitsell Auditorium and Newmark Theatre to name a few. After the end of the carnival, the PIFF hands down the awards in the following categories:

  • Narrative features
  • Documentary features
  • Best new directors
  • Shorts
  • Oregon shorts

The Portland International Film Festival is dedicated to nurturing filmmakers and audiences and celebrates the power of a good story. The proud support of the city of Portland and thousands of movie-lovers from all across the globe make the festival possible and it is titled as “one of the coolest film festivals in the world” by the Moviemaker Magazine.





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