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Phoenix Film Festival

Held in Phoenix, Arizona early spring every year, the Phoenix Film Festival (PFF) is often marked as one of the most filmmaker-friendly festivals out there. Screening over 150 films and attracting an audience of over 20,000, the event is also the largest annual festival in the state of Arizona. Hosted by the non-profit Phoenix Film Foundation, the festival started off in 2001, and has grown to be one of the largest indie film festivals in the world.

A Category for Everyone

The festival takes place at the state-of-the-art Harkins Theatre (Scottsdale 101) situated at the rather remote Valley of the Sun. Seven high-end screening rooms with perfect audio and video installations make attending the screenings a treat. And with a variety of filmmakers showing off their pride and joy during the festival, there’s something to see for everyone.

Phoenix Film Festival screens films in the following categories:

  • Feature Films
  • Live Action Short Films
  • College Short Films
  • Animated Shorts
  • World Cinema Shorts
  • World Cinema Features
  • Documentary Features
  • Documentary Shorts

Throughout the festival, filmmakers compete for 26 awards, the beautiful trademark Arizona Copper Wing Awards. In the past, the festival has hosted the works of a number of film stars as Laurence Fishburne, Seth Green, Kevin Bacon, as well as the directors Don Roos and Ken Kwapis.   For producers and directors, the real value of the PFF, as its attendees reveal, is the atmosphere. All filmmakers are encouraged to watch as many screenings as possible, as well as get to know each other over the course of a variety of seminars, workshops and discussions hosted on the site. As many filmmakers note, the Phoenix Film Festival is a great source of inspiration and new ideas, where friendship, fun and camaraderie are put above all else.




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