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Norwegian International Film Festival

Hailing from the fjords of Scandanavia comes the biggest film festival in Norway, called the Norwegian International Film Festival (NIFF), is a weeklong film festival that shows some of the most epic films ever to hit the big screen, probably even including a number of your favorites, whose scenes you have memorized. Having started off in the year 1973, the Norwegian International Film Festival has grown vastly, recently celebrating its 42nd anniversary in August 2014.

Feasting on Movies, Along With Norway Cuisine

Other than being historically rich, Norway is also famous for its fine cuisine and wonderful towns, automatically making it an obvious tourist spot. It is in one of these towns that the Norwegian International Film Festival is held, every August. The charming town of Haugesund, Norway, becomes busier than a hive full of bees with people flocking from all over to participate in the great NIFF. Straight after the Amanda Awards, which is something like the Oscars for Norway, the Norwegian International Film Festival kicks off.

The main focus of the festival is to promote and feature the films that are going to be released in the orwegian cinema halls, allowing participation in the festival that is strictly invitation-based and is strictly permitted to only cinema professionals, media personnels and government officials. On the bright side, there is no entry fee associated with the festival; the only things the attendees may be required to buy is some sunscreen, as the weather is considerably warm during August. Through a careful selection process, the festival screens 20 of the best films based on their artistic merits, which may be given any of the following awards:

  • Children
  • Documentary
  • Drama
  • Narrative Fiction
  • Women

Meet The Market!

Probably one of the most anticipated annual marketing program, the New Nordic Films takes place during four consecutive days of the festival, when many international companies, TV agents, foreign promoters and media are invited to witness first-hand, some of the best and the latest Nordic films that the entire Scandanavian community has to offer. Other than being pleased with some excellent films, these people receive a treat in the form of the unique opportunity of meeting with the Nordic film industry.

Countless impressive films won some applaudable awards, here at the NIFF, receiving more recognition and praise around the world. Being a huge hype for an entire week, the Norwegian International Film Festival is indeed a great festival that is worth every Norwegian Krone spent.

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