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Moscow International Film Festival

Moscow International Film Festival

Russia, the largest country in the world, is home to many historical events, beautiful wonders both natural and man-made, strong vodka and, one of the most famous and major film festivals of the world: the Moscow International FIlm Festival. Throughout the years, the Moscow International Film Festival has grown exponentially in terms of fame and influence, and is now a highly significant film film event held every July.

Paving The Way

The Moscow International Film Festival made its first appearance in the year 1935, but it has been held regularly only since 1959, with a festival being organized every two years till 1995, after which the festival became an annual event. Considered one of the oldest film festivals of the world, the Moscow International Film Festival celebrated its 36th anniversary in July, 2014.

The Moscow International Film Festival became an example to many modern film festivals and paved the way to many stars and filmmakers we see today. The American actor Jack Nicholson and the American film director Tim Burton received awards in this very festival, along with so many others.

A Big Thing In An Even Bigger Country

Russia has already attracted a lot of tourists due to being historically rich, but the amount of people who attend the film festival is huge, with a record of over 7500 guests attending the 35th annual festival. The festival only screens films that have not already been displayed in Russia, competing in the following categories:

  • Main Competition
  • Documentary Competition
  • Short Films Competition
  • Programs of Russian Films (Films of only Russian origin)
  • Non-competition screening

Competition in the festival is fierce; the jury strictly rates and judges the films based on their respective categories and merits, and the best films/filmmakers win honourable awards that are widely regarded with fame and respect.

In the 36th annual festival in 2014, the film “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” was screened at the festival as the closing film of the entire event, which may not be surprising, as the movie has been successful among various audiences all around the world. Being an influential event with terrific awards, the Moscow Internation Film Festival is definitely not something you’d want to miss.





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