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Miami International Film Festival

Miami, a city well known for its wonderful warm weather, sunny beaches and nicknamed as the Capital of Latin America, is also famous all around the world for being the host to one of the oldest and one of the most prestigious film festivals, the Miami International Film Festival (MIFF). MIFF will be crossing its 32nd year of travelling through the glorious journey of promoting the works of novice and experienced filmmakers from all around the globe to the diverse and film enthusiastic community of Miami.

A Global Film Festival

Miami International Film Festival, with its inauguration in February 1983, was founded by the Film Society of Miami with the exclusive vision to bring different cultures closer to each other and encourage artistic development and integrate independent International and American films with a special emphasis on Ibero-American films. Held every year now from the first to the second week of March (earlier having been held in early February) MIFF brings together an approximate of 60,000 people and 300 producers, directors and other film-related people from around the world. More than 20 Oscar-nominated flicks have been premiered in MIFF and famous prominent stars like Anne Hathaway, Ashton Kutcher and numerous others have adorned the festival with their presence.

A Competition with Prize Money

The Miami International Film Festival has a multifarious array of movie sightings and presentations all throughout the 10 day gala and among them, the most looked upon and eagerly awaited event has to be the competition which awards prizes worth more than $60,000 dollars. The categories for this are Knight Competition, Ibero-American Opera Prima Competition, Knight Documentary Award and Shorts Competition; the first one having an amazing prize pool of $40,000, and all this money is sponsored by James L. & John S. Knight Foundation.

Various other non-competing movies are equally enjoyed by the crowd of Miami , interestingly classified as:

  • Cinema 360°
  • Doc-You-Up
  • Florida Focus
  • Lee Brian Schrager’s Culinary Cinema
  • REEL Music Scene
  • America The Beautiful
  • Visions
  • Mayhem

The Miami International Film Festival is truly an event to be experienced, being a mind-boggling celebration for all the film fanatics; and to top it all, it takes place in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.





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