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Mar Del Plata Film Festival

The Mar Del Plata Film Festival is one of the biggest and most anticipated festivals in Argentina, and it was founded in 1954 by Jesus Miller. The beautiful city of Argentine on the coast of the Atlantic proved to be a great place for the incredibly attractive and world-renowned event.

The Jewel of Latin America and Argentina

The Mar Del Plata Film Festival is the only Latin American festival to receive an “A” status. It was conceived due to the need to reflect the Argentinean cinema universe, as the lack of funding and interest in it worldwide prevented Argentinean cinema from reaching out internationally. The cinematographic universe of Argentina gradually grew strong after the initial opening of the festival, and it owes a lot to the Mar Del Plata. Every year, the festival proves itself and upholds the Argentine and Latin American film industry in front of the world. Today, the festival is a haven for filmmakers, actors and film enthusiasts alike, because of the diverse slate of films it showcases and the color it brings to the city itself.

The Event

As of 2013, the event includes International Feature film competition, Latin American competition for Feature and short films and the Work in Progress section for Argentine productions. The highest prize in the festival is the “Golden Astor”, which is usually given to the best film in the festival. The awards given in the event in 2013 are as follows:

  • Golden Astor Award (Best Film): La jaula de oro, by Diego Quemada-Diez (Mexico-Spain)
  • Best Director: Mariana Rondón, for Pelo malo (Venezuela)
  • Best Actress: Marian Álvarez, for La herida (Spain)
  • Best Actor: Vincent Macaigne, for La batalla de Solferino (France)
  • Best Script: Mariana Rondón, for Pelo malo (Venezuela)
  • Special Mention: The Bright Day, by Hossein Shahabi (Iran)
  • Official Competition of Argentina: Best Film: La utilidad de un revistero, by Adriano Salgado (Argentina)
  • Best Director: Ada Frontini, for Escuela de sordos (Argentina)
  • Best Short Film: Espacio personal, by Natural Arpajou (Argentina)
  • Best Short Film Director: Mariano Luque, for Sociales (Argentina)




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