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Macon Film Festival

A city in central Georgia, Macon has a fascinating 17,000-years-old history which ranges from the antics of the proud Creek Indians, to the adventures during the American Civil War. It comes as no surprise that Macon is culturally rich and also hosts various diverse festivals throughout the year; the Macon Film Festival is one such event, held every year on the third weekend in February.

A City with a History

Macon Film Festival occurs annually in three different historically significant places near Atlanta, where it celebrates independent films and tries to promote film-making in all regions for various purposes. At the same time various special screenings, events, and workshops are hosted, enabling celebrity guests and filmmakers to mingle and expand their networks in the film industry. Macon Film Festival first began in 2005, and after a very successful year in 2014, it is about to enter its tenth year, for which, it will move its traditional dates to the middle of July and collaborate with Bragg Jam Music, Arts and Kids Festival, which is an arts and music event, to create a ten-day event in Macon.

Having partnered with the Atlanta Film Festival and many other film festivals throughout the Southeast, featuring quality content from as many as nine different states, the Macon Film Fiesta brings forth both national and international independent content for its audience in historic settings, such as downtown Macon, for four days. The following categories of music and films are screened:

  • Narrative Feature
  • Narrative Shorts
  • Animation
  • Documentary Feature
  • Documentary Shorts
  • Music Video
  • Music Documentary
  • Student Shorts

A Decade of Triumph

After yet another ground breaking success in 2014, Macon Film Festival has decided to extend the festival for ten days to celebrate their ten year anniversary where they would feature ground breaking hits and captivate the audience’s attention by bringing content of diverse styles, media, genres and themes.

Aside from their workshops and special screenings, they also host after parties and filmmaker mixers which is a great opportunity for celebrities, filmmakers and industry professionals have to mingle and network. The Macon Film Festival has also collaborated and partnered with different film festivals and music events to try and make 2015 the best year yet for both the artists and the audience.




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