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Kraków Film Festival

Coming into existence in the 1960s, the Kraków Film Festival (KFF) is a famous European event, where a number of renowned directors are said to have dropped by. As a matter of fact, the director of the film “Tango” made an appearance at the event, surely providing the fans with a heart attack out of high excitement levels. In a matter of about 8 days, the festival puts emphasis on several animations, documentaries and short films, which are viewed by a limited number of loyal attendees, who have the opportunity to enjoy this Polish event to the fullest.

Rocking the Stage With Poetry Recitation

In addition to bringing in some good competition, the Kraków Film Festival definitely ensures that the audience is enchanted by the various parts of the entire event; hiring bands and poetry-reciting groups are a mere few examples of the events. Along with arranging a photography exhibition, the KFF seems to have earned the reputation of being an excellent spot for film enthusiasts, guaranteeing a fun-packed week.

When You Love Your “Toy Story” and “Up”

Many individuals seem to agree with the statement that one of this Polish festival’s strong points, is the animation films; evidently, even children could attend this festival, having a splendid time. While there are a limited number of loyal attendees, this event is definitely the right place to chat up other movie lovers, maybe even making a number of great friends. An international, yet traditional event, the Kraków Film Festival allows a fair competition for the different nominated films, distributing too many awards to count, some of which are:

  • Silver Horn
  • Golden Horn
  • PSC Award
  • The Don Quichote Award given by International Federation of Film Societies
  • Silver Hobby-Horse
  • FIPRESCI Award
  • People’s Choice Award

Well-known directors, celebrities and even producers are seen at the KFF, probably adorned with sweaters and mittens, as the festival falls smack in the middle of the coldest month in Kraków. A definite means to increase film-awareness among the dwellers of Poland and other countries, the Kraków Film Festival seems like a must-see for every film-crazed individual around the world.




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