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Indie Grits

In this day and age, cinemas and films have come to be a major part of people’s lives, becoming a very useful and powerful tool in expressing, sharing or promoting information, ideas, culture, heritage, social awareness and even, opinions. Along with young, talented filmmakers, the number and variety of films are rising each day with indie films gaining a massive popularity lately, and for these indie, DIY films one of the newest film festivals in the continent of North America, the Indie Grits, was created.

Do It Yourself!

The Indie Grits is an annual indie, DIY film festival that started off in the year 2007, and now, being 8 years old, the film festival has gained immense success and popularity, and has become a highly expected event in the busy city of Columbia, the state capital of the State of South Carolina, in the United States of America.

Indie Grits, as the name suggests, is dedicated to featuring independent and DIY (an acronym for “Do It Yourself” which literally refers to someone doing or accomplishing a task on his/her own without the help of a professional or expert) films with ties to South-eastern culture. Indie Grits does not only screen films and promote talented filmmakers, but also encourages and creates opportunities for South-eastern media makers, establishes a platform for independent filmmakers to share ideas and also allows its visitors access to the South-eastern cultural life.

The festival screens all sorts of films such as:

  • Animated
  • Feature
  • Short
  • Experimental
  • Student Films

5 Cents or a Nickel

The venue of the Indie Grits is none other than the Nickelodeon Theatre, the only non-profit art house theatre in the city, located in the downtown Columbia, which has been affectionately dubbed as “The Nick” by its followers and loyal fan base. The name Nickelodeon is derived from the fact that when it was established in the early 1900s, it was the first and only theatre dedicated to screening motion pictures for the general public, and it initially charged 5 cents (or an American nickel) for admission.

Hosted in the Nickelodeon, the oldest theatre, comes the Indie Grits, one of the newest film festivals, which dedicates itself to promoting talent and culture along with providing a fun-filled event to its visitors, and with dark theatres, music in the streets, late-night drinks and awesome puppet shows, it’s no wonder it had more than 8,000 visitors last year.





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