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Flyway Film Festival

Abounded with songbirds, tundra swans and white tailed deer, the Mississippi River is not only well-known for its natural beauty, but also famous for the thought provoking and entertaining Flyway Film Festival (FFF) that is hosted on the beautiful shores of Lake Pepin on the Mississippi River, Wisconsin. Lifting its curtains in mid October, and taking place from 23-26, the annual Flyway Film Festival is a celebration of independent films, filmmakers and music at venues in and around the Pepin and Stockham areas.

A Gala of Independent Films

Born in 2008 on the banks of the Mississippi River as a part of the Lake Pepin Art & Design Center, the Flyway Film Festival was founded by Rick Vaicius and has now evolved into a full-blown independent and international film festival for both filmmakers and film audiences. It is a great platform for filmmakers from all around the globe to get to know each other and gather valuable input about their films. Though FFF is rather new to the world of cinema, for the past seven years, it has managed to attract thousands of movie-lovers, showcasing over 50 films each year, mainly focusing on local films which make Pepin, Pepin.

Going Strong

Each year, this four-day film fest hosts panel discussions, workshops and a kickoff gala with food, renowned filmmakers and live music. The main highlight of FFF is the opening night award ceremony where talented participants are handed the Flyway Axe. Along with the local films of Pepin, the FFF exhibits a wide variety of international films, including shorts, features, documentaries, independent, experimental, musical and children’s films. The awards of the Flyway Film Festival are given in the following categories:

  • Narrative feature
  • Narrative short
  • Documentary feature
  • Documentary short
  • Wisconsin/Minnesota Showcase
  • Children’s film
  • Student feature
  • Student short

Burgeoning the cultural experiences of the wider world along the Mississippi River, the Flyway Film Festival is on its way to becoming one of the Midwest’s premier film events, with chances of becoming a favourite among movie lovers from all over the world.




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