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DOXA Documentary Film Festival

The DOXA Documentary Film Festival is the largest film festival in Vancouver, Canada dedicated to the art of documentary, featuring both Canadian and international films on a broad range of topics. Taking place from May 2-11, this eleven-day annual film fiesta draws renowned filmmakers and movie-lovers from all over the globe together each spring in one of the world’s most beautiful cities and offers an outstanding movie experience that will surely be etched in your mind forever.

The Charisma of West-Coast Canada

Opening its doors in 2000, the DOXA Documentary Film Festival started as a small, grassroots event with the intention of showing diverse and unique films that couldn’t be seen anywhere else at the time, proving to be a mind-boggling experience for most attendees. Presented by the Documentary Media Society, this film carnival not only emphasized on documentaries engaging social justice from around the world, but also shed light on movies that personified the art of documentary and films that challenged the nature of the genre.

Documentaries Know No Boundaries

As documentary has evolved and developed over the past fourteen years, DOXA has grown alongside it, showcasing creative and independent documentaries to the audiences of Vancouver and the world. With the intent of educating the public about documentary films, DOXA is comprised of panel discussions, public screenings, workshops, public forums and other educational programs, featuring more than 90 films and 78 screenings, covering a diverse range of subjects including:

  • Activism
  • Health issues
  • Journalism
  • Animation
  • Technology
  • Docudrama
  • Environment
  • Culture
  • Music
  • Sexuality
  • Philosophy
  • Queer and Women Rights

The DOXA Documentary Film Festival is the largest film festival in Western Canada that seeks to expand the definition of “documentary” and solicits and displays films of all length, subjects and genres in the realm of the documentary.




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