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Dances With Films

The City of Los Angeles, California, the biggest entertainment and amusement hub of the world, the heart of Hollywood, is also the birthplace for a very unique film festival with a very exceptional name Dances With Films (DWF); it has been highly praised to be one of the Coolest Top 25 Film Festivals on the planet by MovieMaker Magazine and to be the only one from Los Angeles to be glorified with such an awesome title.

A Film Festival for the Unknowns

Dances With Films initiated its high spirited journey in the year 1998, and since then it has been diligently working to promote and bring out the best talents amongst us out there who are in search for that spotlight, that one golden opportunity that their ordinary names could not provide. This is so very much against the current, unlike many other film festivals which are always looking forward to showcase famous, known faces, DWF ensures each year that every single film submission that they receive should involve independent, raw artists, writers, directors and producers.

2-Minute, 2-Step

Uniqueness is something which is hovering all around the Dances With Films; among numerous events, it features a competition known as 2-Minute, 2-Step Short Film Challenge that lets 8 filmmakers make individual 2-minute films within 4 hours, using the latest and best digital cameras, an empty studio and an editing suite, all provided by DWF, and all the 8 shorts will be judged by a very proficient jury.

Dances With Films comes into play every year by the end of May and the beginning of June, screening around more than 100 films to the audience and a total of 10 awards are up for grabs for the lucky winners in the following categories:

  • Grand Jury for Features,
  • Grand Jury for Shorts,
  • Industry Choice Award (ICA),
  • Audience awards for Competition Feature, Competition Short, Fusion Feature, Fusion Short, Documentary, Music Video
  • Award for the “BEST” 2 Minute, 2 Step Film.

The DWF movie selection panel is so humble, a trait that almost as many other festivals lack, that they even send back a letter to those whose submissions get rejected, providing some encouraging and positive response about their work; thus showing that DWF gives a thorough effort in selecting every single piece, making it one of the most anticipated events of the year for filmmakers from all around the world.




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