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Canada International Film Festival

The city of Vancouver, Canada is a magnificent location that has won many awards and titles due to its beautiful environment, friendly community, rich culture and excellent living standards, and is home to some of the most eventful film festivals in Canada. One of these is the Canada International Film Festival, a film fiesta which has earned its place among the top and most spectacular film festivals within the North American region.

Casinos & Films

Founded by Rick Weisner, a rich businessman from Las Vegas, the Canada International Film Festival is held annually in the great city of Vancouver, British Columbia, offering its attendees a wide arrangement of entertainment; unlike the traditional film festivals, the Canada International Film Festival is held in one of the casinos in the city where the festival-goers can enjoy fun gambling and incredible parties the casinos have to offer, all while enjoying excellent films as part of the film festival.

A Clip In The Maple Leaf

The Canada International Film Festival is a comparatively short film festival, lasting for 2-3 days, but makes up for with a highly eventful program and a huge collection of the finest films in the world. Every year, the film festival receives thousands of films from over 90 different countries, and screens the best ones for the audience to enjoy. The screened films include:

  • Feature Films
  • Short Films
  • Animated Films
  • Student Films
  • Documentaries
  • Music Videos

Other than just screening films, the Canada International Film Festival spotlights some of the most creative minds in the world of film making, and through a polished jury of directors and filmmakers, presents honorary awards for the best films based on their artistic merits.

With its unique tradition of hosting the festival in a casino, and its huge variety of excellent films from all over the world, the Canada International Film Festival is truly an enjoyable film festival and has earned a place in the hearts of a large community.




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