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Calgary Underground Film Festival

As well as the International Film Festival, Calgary also plays host to the Underground Film Festival (CUFF), a 7-day festival in April. Unlike the International Festival, it has a focus on Indie Films, alongside the local cinema. It covers a range of cinematic forms, including features, documentary, animation and shorts. CUFF gives Calgarians the opportunity to view fantastic, inventive films, that otherwise would be ignored by North American Theatres. Visitors can explore the wonderful world of underground films, across multiple genres from horror, sci-fi and fantasy, comedies, thrillers and music-related films. The festival is also committed to introducing attendees to the people who reside behind the lens, to explore filmmaker’s motivations, techniques and inspirations.

Calgary has a thriving arts community. It reveals in a wide range of artistic forms and cultural activities. Calgary’s exterior may be rough and ready, but its vibrant arts and culture scene is comparable to that in many larger North American cities.  As well as an established festival landscape, it has an active theatre community and fine art exhibitions. It even has The Grain Academy and Museum that explains to people about grains and oilseeds through exhibits.

Founded in 2003, CUFF is a not-for-profit organization, with a commitment to screening convention-defying films. Festival programming favourites include The Found Footage Festival, the 48-Hour Movie Making Challenge and the Saturday Morning Cartoon Party.

CUFF is located in Downtown Calgary, a regenerated and fascinating district, with appealing historical areas.  It is an epicentre for dining, museums, and spas. The 2015 CUFF festival will take place at the Globe Cinema. The festival will run from April 13-19, showing approximately 30 films, over the 7 days. The Globe is an independent art-house cinema and participates in many of the exciting, annual film festivals run in Calgary. As usual, CUFF will focus on showcasing boundary-breaking, contemporary, underground works.

2014 Awards

Audience Awards:

  • Best Documentary Feature: Alive Inside: A Story Of Music and Memory
  • Best Narrative Feature: The Raid 2

Jury Awards:

  • Best Narrative Feature: Blue Ruin
  • Best Documentary Feature: Jodorowsky’s Dune
  • Best Short: The Chaperone 3d

48-Hour Movie Making Challenge Awards:

  • 1st Place Jury Award: Fuhlon Fists – Genre: Martial Arts
  • 2nd Place Jury Award: Last Meal – Genre: Musical





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